Rails Exporter Plugin

Copyright © 2013 Joerg Kirschstein



General Description
This plugin creates rails 3.x project files from MySQL Workbench. It converts schema tables and its values into rails code.

General Features
This plugin writes the following rails 3.x files:

  • migration files
  • schema file
  • model files
  • seeds file

Files are created automatically and ready-to-use for your own rails application. Define a rails app path, and the files will be created directly into your appropiate rails project sub folders.

After Rails Exporter finished, setup your database with 'rake db:setup' from the command line/console of your rails app folder.

It has been tested with MySQL Workbench version 5.2.40 Rev. 8790.
It also has been tested on Windows 7, Linux Ubuntu 12.04 and Mac OS 10.x.
Rails files created are for Rails Version 3.x.

Get more info an setup, configuration and the way this plugin works here.