Rails Exporter Plugin

Copyright © 2013 Joerg Kirschstein



Rails Exporter Plugin converts all table names into their rails convention equivalent [table name, class name, file name etc.].

Migration files
Learn more about the created files here.

Schema file
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Model files
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Seeds file
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Known issues / next version

The plugin tries to convert existing Workbench schemas to rails code, no matter what the source. If you build schema code for rails, the plugin should already work fine for most tasks.

But not all conditions and scenarios can be converted [yet]. Here are some examples:

  • Multi-polymorphic relations: are not supported in the current version, which means there can only be one polymorphic relation per table. This was the last feature i added, so it was rushed a little.
  • Primary Keys: integer possible only [rails default]  
  • Performance: every column is checked for correct name several times during creation. I will change that in a next version by creating a corrected duplicate first, checking columns only once upfront.
    You will notice, that the "Big Table" example rquires quite some time to create rails file for 160 tables. As said, I am aware of that and will try to optmize performance for big schemata as soon as possible.

Ideas for next versions:

  • flexible, multiple Seeds sources: Planed for a later version
  • Rails Importer: import rails sources and convert them into a workbench schema. Planed for a later version